Press Releases

October 3, 2006 • San Diego based software consultancy, Simplicitize, Inc., has announced the launch of its official web site:

2008 • Partnered with VEconomy to build server side APIs (Java based) for online virtual economies in the MMOG space.

2009 • Partnered with LiveGamer to provide server side middleware (Java based) to build a social networking API which connected to Facebook and was aimed to be used by game developers (achievements, buddy system, in-app messages).

2010 - 2011 • Started investigating in alternative programming languages running on the JVM such as JRuby and Scala. Extensive research and development conducted in Simplicitize's internal labs.

2012 • Partnered with Intuit to build an Server Automation Engine for Intuit's infrastructure group.

2013 - 2014 • Partnered with Rovi Corporation's DivX subdivision to help rollout HEVC (H.265) based video coding for their Streaming Server team using EJB3, Restful Webservices, and Hibernate / JPA based APIs.

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